Crafting Excellence: Inside Harper Laine's Sign Production Powerhouse

At Harper Laine, our mission revolves around delivering premium-quality interior signage swiftly and efficiently. Understanding the critical nature of adhering to project timelines for overall satisfaction, we've outfitted our workshop with the finest sign manufacturing technologies available. This commitment ensures that every project is completed with precision, speed, and to the exact specifications of our clients.

Should your signage project come with specific design needs or deadlines, we encourage sharing these details early in the quoting phase. And remember, we're always here to address any queries you might have!

With Harper Laine, rest assured that your signage will arrive on schedule, crafted to perfection.

Our Arsenal of Sign Manufacturing Technologies

The challenge of equipping a sign shop with the specialized machinery necessary for ADA compliant signage production is one we've enthusiastically embraced. Keeping pace with technological advancements enables us to streamline our processes, ensuring satisfaction for our clients and partners alike.

Our toolkit includes:

  • Vision CNC Routers & Engravers for precise cutting and shaping.
  • Universal Laser System CO2 lasers for meticulous detail work.
  • Professional-grade Laminators for durable finishes.
  • MUTOH UV-LED Flatbed Printer for vibrant, direct-to-substrate printing.
  • Plus, an array of other high-performance tools designed to enhance efficiency and quality.

These tools were selected for their unparalleled ability to facilitate the sign-making process, elevating both the speed and quality of our work.

Exploring Our Manufacturing Prowess

Harper Laine stands at the forefront of sign manufacturing, catering to the diverse needs of businesses and organizations, big and small, ensuring ADA signage complies without compromise. Our production capabilities are a testament to our commitment to excellence, allowing us to deliver superior signs more effectively.

Highlighted Techniques in Our Manufacturing Process:

Direct-to-Substrate UV Printing

This state-of-the-art approach has set a new standard in the industry, allowing for the direct application of imagery and text onto the substrate. It layers ink to achieve ADA-compliant text, graphics, and even braille, offering:

  • Cost efficiencies by eliminating secondary coverings.
  • Enhanced color vibrancy and definition for better visibility.
  • Accelerated production speeds, thanks to a streamlined process.
CO2 Laser Cutting

A time-tested technique, CO2 laser cutting offers precision and versatility, maintaining its status as a go-to for cutting various materials, celebrated for:

  • Producing cleaner, smoother edges for a polished finish.
  • Versatile material cutting capabilities with speed and ease.
  • Material integrity preserved against warping.
Raster™ Braille

For ADA-compliant braille, Raster™ Braille remains a top choice. This method, which involves embedding plastic beads into drilled substrate holes, is not only precise but also requires specific licensing and equipment, ensuring:

  • Compatibility across a range of materials.
  • Guaranteed 100% ADA compliance for all signage.
  • Uniform, aesthetically pleasing braille presentation.
CNC Routing

Automating the cutting process via CNC routing allows for unparalleled accuracy and efficiency, with software-guided operations shearing materials to exact specifications, benefiting from:

  • Significant reductions in material wastage.
  • Minimized risk of production errors, enhancing overall quality.
  • Reduced labor needs, translating to cost savings.

Harper Laine integrates these advanced techniques and tools to not just meet but exceed client expectations, reinforcing our commitment to quality, efficiency, and innovation in every sign we create.

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