Select the Right Foundation for Your Sign Needs

The foundation of an exceptional sign lies in selecting the optimal material substrate. Harper Laine is proud to provide a diverse selection of sign materials, ensuring you find the perfect match for your project's budget and aesthetic needs.

Feeling uncertain about which material will best serve your requirements? Our expert team is on hand to assist. Share with us your preferences for thickness and color at the quoting stage of our sign-ordering process, and we'll guide you towards the ideal choice.

Opting for custom signs with us means you’ll receive displays that not only resonate with your brand but also enhance your existing décor. It’s about striking the right balance between standing out and blending in, effortlessly.

Available Sign Materials

Harper Laine is equipped with departments filled with highly skilled technicians, all experienced in handling the wide array of materials we offer. Coupled with our advanced equipment capable of cutting, shaping, engraving, and finishing a vast range of material substrates, we're ready to bring your vision to life.

Explore the sign materials at your disposal…


Rowmark ADA Alternative

The ADA Alternative range by Rowmark stands as a testament to the company's position as a premier plastics supplier. Crafted from a modified acrylic, this collection is tailored specifically to adhere to the stringent standards set by ADA regulations. It boasts an array of 48 dynamic and eye-catching hues, each sanctioned for crafting ADA-compliant signage. A hallmark of this line is its matte, non-glare finish, enhancing readability and accessibility. Furthermore, customers are given the flexibility to select from a minimum of three thickness levels, allowing for a customized approach to sign fabrication.

Choosing Rowmark's ADA Alternative brings several distinct advantages:

  • The material is incredibly durable, ensuring signs stand the test of time.
  • It represents an excellent investment, striking a perfect balance between affordability and quality.
  • Its wide color range simplifies the process of aligning signage with your brand's identity or interior design scheme, making it a versatile choice for various settings.


High-Pressure Laminate
Swatches of High Pressure Laminate Options

High-pressure laminate enjoys a well-earned reputation as a favored material in the signage industry, and its merits are clear. Signage crafted from this robust material not only maintains its vibrant coloration over the years but also promises an extended lifespan, especially vital for ADA-compliant signs across all types of facilities. Sourced from leading manufacturers like Pionite, Formica, and Wilsonart, the laminate we use is a guarantee of the high-quality signage you can expect.

Here are some key benefits that make high-pressure laminate a standout choice:

  • It's remarkably low-maintenance, requiring minimal effort to keep clean.
  • With the ability to replicate the appearance of natural materials such as wood, stone, or marble, it offers aesthetic flexibility without the associated weight.
  • Its durability is outstanding, boasting a strong resistance to graffiti and impact, making it a practical choice for high-traffic areas.


Swatches of Chemetal options

Chemetal, crafted by a namesake building materials supplier, boasts an expansive selection of metal and metal laminate designs, prominently featuring aluminum. This material has surged in popularity for commercial environments, admired for its fusion of a reflective metallic luster with a crisp, modern aesthetic. Its lightweight nature also positions it as an excellent substitute for heavier traditional metals. Harper Laine is proud to present our lineup of Chemetal signage, available in a variety of finishes including aluminum, bronze, copper, and beyond.

Opting for Chemetal for your signage needs brings several distinct advantages:

  • The array of styles and colors available ensures a perfect match for any decor.
  • Its gleaming surface not only catches the eye but also enhances the visibility of your signage.
  • Engraved details on Chemetal signs gain an added depth and clarity, making for a more impactful presentation.


Frosted Acrylic

Frosted acrylic stands out as a crowd favorite among the materials we proudly offer at Harper Laine. It beautifully replicates the elegant look and feel of glass while eliminating concerns about breakage, shattering, or dangerous edges. Our frosted acrylic is sourced from Rowmark, a testament to our commitment to delivering signs of unparalleled quality. Moreover, we employ precise laser cutting techniques to fashion intricate designs on this versatile material, adding a layer of sophistication to each piece.

Choosing frosted acrylic for your signage brings several noteworthy benefits:

  • It provides a perfect backdrop for painted or engraved text, ensuring your message pops.
  • As a sturdy and cost-effective glass alternative, it offers longevity and elegance without breaking the bank.
  • Its sleek, contemporary look seamlessly complements a variety of decor styles, making it a universally appealing choice.

Subsurface Acrylic Printing

In addition to our classic, first-surface printed acrylic, we're excited to showcase our acrylic options featuring subsurface areas. This innovative approach involves applying graphics and designs to the backside of the acrylic, whether it’s crystal clear or elegantly frosted. Choosing this method infuses your signage with a unique flair, elevating its aesthetic and impact.

The benefits of opting for subsurface acrylic include:

  • A visually striking depth and a 3D effect that breathes life into your signage.
  • An exquisite, glass-like framed appearance, adding a touch of sophistication.
  • Maintenance ease comparable to that of standard acrylic, ensuring long-lasting beauty.


Selecting the Ideal Material for Your Signage

Deciding on the perfect material for your signage involves considering various factors such as design, location, duration, budget, and compliance needs, especially for interior displays. To refine your selection, ponder these questions:

  • Where will the sign be situated?
  • For how long do you intend the sign to be displayed?
  • What design concept is being considered, by you or your client?
  • What budget constraints are in place for the project?
  • Is there a necessity for the sign to adhere to ADA regulations?

These considerations will guide you in making an informed decision, ensuring your signage not only meets but exceeds expectations. 

Ready to order your custom signs? Contact Harper Laine today to get started.

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