Mastering Braille Signage with the Raster® Braille Technique

Securing ADA-compliant signage, complete with tactile braille, is a breeze when you choose a fabricator skilled in the Raster® Braille method. Known for its speed and reliability, it's no wonder this method is a staple in our production process at Harper Laine.

For those seeking ADA signage adorned with raised text and braille, our team is well-equipped to bring your vision to life. Once you initiate an order for custom signage, we'll integrate this innovative method during the production phase. The result? You'll receive beautifully crafted signs featuring clean, easy-to-read lettering.

Diving Into Raster® Braille

The Raster® Braille method stands as a swift, straightforward technique for crafting braille signage. It employs a process of drilling holes into the sign material and inserting spherical beads, thereby forming the tactile symbols necessary for braille readability. This process adheres to ADA standards regarding dot size, height, spacing, and more, ensuring compliance and accessibility.

Developed by Accent Signage Systems in the 1990s, Raster® Braille quickly ascended to become a leading method for producing grade 2 braille on signage, thanks to its patented and trademarked process.

Implementing the Technique

Raster® Braille is distinctively a subtractive process, focusing on removing material to create space for the special Raster® beads. Our procedure for employing this technique includes:

  • Selecting the optimal material tailored to each client’s specific requirements.
  • Preparing a detailed stencil for the design.
  • Utilizing our CNC Engraver or CO2 Laser to precisely map out the braille text.
  • Inserting the Raster® beads into the engraved material, whether it be acrylic, Chemetal, laminate, etc., using a specialized Raster® Braille pen.
  • Conducting a meticulous quality control review, followed by cleanup and preparation for order completion.

The Raster® Braille Advantage

Opting for the Raster® Braille method to create your ADA signage comes with an array of benefits:

  • Efficiency: This method ensures swift production, leading to faster order fulfillment.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Raster® Braille is a budget-friendly option, passing on savings to our clients.
  • Longevity: Signs produced with this technique are designed to endure, minimizing the need for future replacements.
  • Material Flexibility: The versatility of Raster® Braille allows for a wide range of material applications.
  • Plus, you can even customize the color of the braille beads to match your design preferences.

With Harper Laine, you're not just ordering signs; you're investing in a partnership dedicated to delivering exceptional, fully ADA-compliant signage crafted with precision and care using the Raster® Braille method.

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