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Our Story

It’s funny sometimes what gives rise to a new idea and for us it was just that, a fun conversation about a client's project and how it could be done better and more efficiently for their sign program.  The funny part? We weren't even in the sign business back then. 

Harper Laine's aim is to be a supplier to an industry
that needs straight talk, solutions, quality product along with quality
installations services.  We love retail and commercial business and found our way into the sign business by solving a problem for a client. 

Harper Laine is part of the Toolkit Services family - a national installations company.  We like your challenges you bring us and we love solving them for you.  Sometimes
things aren’t that complex and you just needs some straight-forward signage.  Other times it is complex and not only do you need signs but need to get it all in one house, priced fairly, delivering on expectations and installed correctly. 

We are based in Tennessee but do business across the country and would love to help and assist you. Feel free to email us, call us, or connect through our website.  We would love to help.

Chris Anschultz, CEO