Branding & Color Matching

Crafting Signs That Reflect Your Brand and Enhance Your Space

At Harper Laine, we specialize in creating interior signs that perfectly align with your organization’s brand and complement the building’s décor. Our approach to sign branding and color matching is thorough and tailored, ensuring a seamless fit. Simply share your preferred paint colors and design details for a quote. From there, our dedicated team takes the lead.

Tailor Your Interior Signs to Enhance Brand Identity

Interior signage is a pivotal element in reinforcing an organization's brand identity. By weaving brand elements into signage across a facility, you foster greater brand recognition among guests and visitors. This is precisely why we provide tailored sign branding solutions for those seeking new and impactful displays.

Harper Laine offers various customization options for your interior signage to ensure it aligns with your branding strategy:

  • Incorporating your organization's logo on each sign
  • Ensuring consistency with your brand's color palette across all signage
  • Crafting a standout lobby sign featuring your company's logo and motto
  • Designing signs in distinctive shapes that capture your brand's essence
  • And much more!

For those needing ADA-compliant signs promptly, explore our ready-made ADA sign collections. Many of these options can be personalized with your logo, offering both compliance and brand integration.

Elevate Your Signage with Matthews Paint

Our commitment at Harper Laine is to craft our signs with nothing but the best materials available. That's why, alongside state-of-the-art equipment, we choose Matthews Paint for our projects—a benchmark in the industry for paint quality.

Matthews Paint is celebrated for its long-lasting durability, striking color vibrancy, and superior performance. Signs created with this paint promise not only a visually stunning appearance but also longevity, capable of enduring through time.

Furthermore, thanks to our on-site Matthews Paint Mixing System, we're equipped to perfectly match a wide array of colors from well-known brands, including: Pantone, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, 3M Vinyl, and others!

This ensures that whatever your specific color requirements, our team has the ability to precisely replicate it, guaranteeing your new signs will effortlessly integrate with their intended environment. Please note, for paint matching services, a nominal additional charge is applied.