Enhancing Signage Quality and Compliance: Discover the Advantages of the Matthews Paint Mixing System

At Harper Laine, we are committed to delivering top-tier signage by using only the highest-quality products. This commitment is why we utilize Matthews Paint, the industry standard known for its superior quality and performance. Our state-of-the-art facility boasts a custom paint booth equipped with a temperature-controlled make-up air unit that delivers 1,000,000 BTU of heat, ensuring every sign we paint cures perfectly.

Our Matthews Paint Mixing System allows us to precisely match any color from renowned sources such as Pantone (PMS), Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, and more, ensuring that our signs seamlessly integrate with any existing color scheme a client may have.

How Our Matthews Paint Mixing System Operates

Our process begins with a detailed review of the work order, followed by the selection of the specified color mix and the addition of the necessary catalyst. We then incorporate the correct amount of reducer, secure the mixture in a designated container, and connect it to a paint gun. After priming, we apply the final paint finish and allow the sign to dry overnight in our climate-controlled booth. The next steps involve routing or laser cutting, depending on the sign's size and specifications.

Why Choose Matthews Paint for ADA Signage?

  • Durability: Matthews Paint is renowned for its longevity and resistance to wear, standing up to environmental factors like dirt, abrasions, and even graffiti better than other brands.

  • Safety: Known for its safety, Matthews Paint contains no lead or heavy metals, making it a preferred choice in sensitive environments such as hospitals and schools.

  • Environmental Impact: The paint features significantly lower levels of VOCs, surpassing stringent environmental regulations.

  • Quality and Color Selection: Matthews Paint offers exceptional quality and a vast library of colors, ensuring superb finish and client satisfaction. The ongoing enhancements to their product line reflect their commitment to excellence.

Explore the Benefits of Our Matthews Paint Mixing System

Partner with Harper Laine and benefit from our expertise, cutting-edge technology, and environmentally conscious practices. You can expect to receive impeccably crafted, durable, and beautiful signage that aligns with your branding and meets stringent ADA requirements. Interested in taking your signage projects to the next level? Contact us today!

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